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Beyond East Asia: Modernity and Its Transformation
Fang-Ming Chen ed., Beyond East Asia: Modernity and Its Transformation (Taipei: Chengchi University Press, 2020).

The feature of both colonial literature and post-colonial literature works created on the land of Taiwan is strong transboundary quality. The term “transboundary” is not centering around some hegemonic value, but a kind of phenomenon emerging when different imperialism ideologies were spreading on this island, Taiwan.

“Transboundary” is a conversation and also a process of the main body’s reconstruction. What have been taken into this present proceedings are novels, poems, dramas, movies on important issues such as feminism, homosexuality, leftism, and some interactions among East Asian cultures. Such issues can be appropriately used to define Taiwanese literature ---- This small island is not only the carrier of local literature, but also the media of cultural conversations among East Asian countries.

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