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International Cooperation in Modern China
WANG Wen-long et al., International Cooperation in Modern China (Taipei: Chengchi University Press, 2019).

In the study of diplomatic history, most people have been focusing on the aspect of conflicts, yet the aspect of cooperation is also worth exploring. The members of the author group elaborate their own expertise, digging deeply into the Modern China’s relations with foreign countries from late Qing Dynasty to the Cold War period.

The book talks about the international cooperation in four separate aspects, which are in military, in Taiwan, in border, and in other countries. It includes issues about ‘the encirclement and suppression of the Mounted Gangsters,’ ‘preventing pirate attacks,’ ‘negotiating among navy,’ ‘movement of missionary,’ ‘rail-way protection,’ ‘operation of companies,’ ‘customs reforms,’ ‘signing of business contracts,’ ‘plague prevention’ and so on.

In all the issues abovementioned, there must be something not going like what we expected sometimes. However, every negotiator’s efforts to find best and most proper ways for solving the problems can be seen and noted from each study in this book. You, as readers, can definitely see the features of flexibility and energy of Modern China’s diplomatic policies from so many diverse discussions over the international cooperation.



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