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Diplomatic History of China in Global Perspectives
Diplomatic History of China in Global Perspectives

In August 2014, the Institute of Modern History at Academia Sinica held an international conference on “Modern China in Global Contexts, 1600-Present” to celebrate her 60th anniversary. The research group of “Sino-Foreign Relation and the Formation of Modern China” of the Humanities Research Center at National Chengchi University submitted three proposals which were all accepted by the Conference Committee. This book collects these revised essays and reorganizes them into three categories: “Global Images and the Chinese Maritime Customs,” “World War I and China’s Fruits,” and “International Incidents and China’s Responses.” This is an ambitious book of young scholars in Taiwan whose research interests mainly focus on diplomatic history. By emphasizing the “global perspective,” this book discourses how diplomatic incidents of modern China were related to international circumstances, and attempts to propose new findings and interpretations.

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