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BooksHumanities Research SeriesThe Historical Records of Chiang Kai-shek (1926-1949)

In Search of Chinese Modernity: Retrospect and Prospect
Chief Editor: Vincent Shen

Price: NT$ 550

Focusing on the issue of Chinese modernity, this book attempts to avoid the subjectivist voluntarism paying no attention to world situation today, as well as simply copying the Western modernity discourses without honoring the Chinese historical specificity and its cultural creativity. Thus, taking into account the objective world situation and basing its discourse on Chinese historical specificity, this book argues for the creative potentialities of Chinese culture for a reasonable and innovative Chinese modernity. One the one hand, Chinese modernity has to avoid the bad effects of Western modernity while enhancing its positive values; one the other, it has to work on creating novelty out of traditional Chinese cultural dynamism. Facing the process of globalization and the transit of world civilization from modernity into postmodernity, Chinese culture enjoys plenty of new possibilities while encountering even more challenges as well.

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