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BooksHumanities Research SeriesThe Historical Records of Chiang Kai-shek (1926-1949)

Interpretation and Manipulation of International Law in China
Chief Editor: Chou, Whei-Ming
Price: NT$ 250

Book Description:

After the establishment of Westphalia system in 1948, western European society started to develop inter-relationship according to new international order theory, which gradually became modern international system and the interaction principles in European societies before 19th century.
After 19th century, the European international system started to conflict with Beijing-centered “Under-Heaven System”. After resistance failures, China changed her strategy and tried to understand, learn and make use of this new value system to interact and negotiate with western great powers. Afterwards, China interpreted international behavior and sustain national interests progressively. 
Many distinguished scholars in Taiwan have interests in international law and they formed research groups to study the interaction between China and international society. They collected significant events, in relation to international law, during 1910s to 1970s and raised new viewpoints to interpret the history. Eventually, these research results were put to publish and provide to all the interested readers.
Table of Contents:   
I. Yin, Jun-Hao  Sino-foreign conflicts and the navigation safety problem on the Yangtze River in early-1920s
II. Wang, Wen-Long  Some international problems and influence during the establishment of Manchukuo
III. Tsai, Chen-Feng  Study on China taking over German and Austria embassy guard and ordnance from 1917 to 1922
IV. Chang, Chih-Yun  Separated China and unified Customs: Mei, le and Wang, Jing-Wei’s Administration (1940-1941)
V. Xiao, Dao-Zhong  United Nations War Crime Investigation Council and the development of Chinese criminal policies
VI. Ren, Tian-Hao  The complexity of “legitimacy” and “survival” : R.O.C.’s reaction toward P.R.C.’s nuclear weapons (1963-1968)

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