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  About The Project

About the project
About the project

The “Cross Strait China Relations- Shaping of Modern China
and the Regional Security Plan” project is formed with the
universities' top researchers.
Currently, there are a total of 104 scholars and experts in
the field, along with more than 40 graduate students
participating in the project. The participants are divided
in to nine research teams, namely: The Shaping of Modern
China through the Ethnic Group, The Shaping of Modern
Chinese through Ethnic Minorities, Modern Literary and
Artistic Transformation and Cross Boundary Research, The
Ming and Qing China Social Change and Contemporary Legacies,
Looking at 20th Century China Through Imaging, Modern
China's Religion Transformation, Modern China and the
International System, and Chinese History Transformation and
Modern China. The participants belong to 52 domestic and
foreign academic institutions. The rest of the participants
are from different interdisciplinary fields. From May 2010
to July 2011, for 14 months, the project had held a total of
101 seminars and studies. Each seminar and study was very
effective and very informative which enabled an exciting
atmosphere among the participants.

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