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Doctor Mo-xi Li Donating to Publishing the Documents of the History of the R.O.C.
Depending on the long term result of academic, Humanities Center received the $150000 donation from Li Mo-xi Foundation for Medical Education. The signing ceremony took place at the auditorium of Social Sciences Information Center, National Chengchi University (NCCU), on 23 Jun., 2015.

Edward H. Chow, President of NCCU, made some remarks at the signing ceremony and expressed his gratitude to Mr. Li. There still several special guests attended such as Lu-an Chen, Ex-President of the Control Yuan, Fei-hong Ye, Vice Director of Academia Historica, Ching-jong Liao, President of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology.


Mr. Li cared about the public issues regarding the nations. Owning to the participation in the international conference on “Chen Cheng and Modern China” in March, 2015, his relation with Humanities Center was established. In addition, he was willing to back up the studies of the history of the R.O.C.


2015 was definitely the 70th anniversary of the victory over Japan. Through several times’ discussion with Whei-ming Chou, Director of Humanities Center, Mr. Li determined to subsidize $150000 to the publish expenditure of “A Chronicle of Chiang Kai-shek (from 1938 to 1945)”.


President Chou said that the authorization of Academia Historica and the generous of donators would make the important historical materials transfer to a crucial work of research and reading.


Vice Director Ye said although these historical materials were not the original manuscripts; nevertheless, they still showed the different phase of Chiang Kai-shek.


From Mr. Li’s point of view, history was a formation of the marks. Provided that people associated historical documents of different kinds with one another, the unchangeable historical facts would appear.


Ex-President Chen said it’s an illness that forgot the history. Simultaneously, he reminded everyone that there’s no need to be influenced by others’ words or thoughts. It’s the most vital that knew the meaning what one did.


The obtainment of the academic donation meant that the effort of Humanities Center to research the modern history of China had got the recognition of each circle.

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