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BooksHumanities Research SeriesThe Historical Records of Chiang Kai-shek (1926-1949)
2020-07-08Chinese Religions and Nationalism
2020-07-03Beyond East Asia: Modernity and Its Transformation
2020-06-09International Cooperation in Modern China
2019-04-24Borderland Residents in Inland
2018-10-09The Taixu Era: Multi-Dimensional Perspectives of Chinese Buddhism in Republican China (1912-1949)
2018-03-06The Diplomatic History of Modern China: Perspectives from the Young Generation
2017-12-22Chen Cheng and Modern China
2017-11-29Mr. Chiang Kai-shek in 1937-1945
2017-03-03The History and Histories of Diplomacy of Modern China
2016-08-01The Order of Name and Status in the Tang and Song Dynasties
2016-04-01Literature in East Asia: the Conversation between History and Art
2016-03-22Celebrities and Archives of the Republic of China
2016-03-07Diplomatic History of China in Global Perspectives
2015-03-16Classic Taoism and Local Religions
2015-03-09The Sino-foreign Conflicts and the Responses of Modern China
2015-01-19Cities of the Colony
2014-12-22Han Chinese in the Borderland
2014-11-04The Significance and Impact of the Cairo Declaration
2014-06-12In Search of Chinese Modernity: Retrospect and Prospect
2014-03-25Interpretation and Manipulation of International Law in China
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