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About The ProjectRethinking about the Tang-Sung Transformation Thesis--in Reference to our Project Ethnic Minorities and the Formation of Modern ChinaChinese Identity and the Formation of a Modern StateThe Structure of Daily LifeThe Formation of Modern Chinese ReligionsThe Modernization and Transition of Modern Art and LiteratureThe Social Tranisition of Ming and Qing China20th Century China in PicturesChiang Kai-shek and The Formation of Modern ChineseSino-foreign Relations and the Formation of Modern ChinaModern China in the International SystemTransition and Development of Modern China Document Management Short Term Scholar InterviewThe Formation of Modern China: Project Result Presentation
2017-06-16A Symposium on Public Access to and Use of Archives (October 19, 2016)
2017-06-162016 Research Highlights of the Humanities Research Center’s “Formation of Modern China” Plan
2015-09-30 [Seminar] 2015.09.06 Thoughts of Hua-yen Under the East Asian Perspective
2015-09-30Lecture Report: Revolution and Chen Duxiu’s Images of A Country” by Professor Eugene W. Chiu
2015-06-29Modernity of Translation – Interdisciplinary Literature and Culture
2015-06-25Professor Delgerjargal Purevsuren’s Speech “Mongolian Ethnic Group and Clan: Past and Present”
2015-03-26The Information of “the Second Sino-Japanese War Festival and Forums”
2015-03-16Colony and Gender – Showing the Cross-East-Asian Care with the New Work Publishing
2015-03-16Microcosm and Macrocosm – the New Perspectives from the Diplomatic History Team of Humanities Center
2015-03-09Professor Tzu-kai Liu’s Speech “The Public Space and the Modernity Discourse of Festivalization: the Discourse of Space Development and Culture Re-production of Cangyuan Va Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, China”
2014-12-25Discussion on the Common Characteristics between Literature and Art
2014-12-18Conference on the Cross Boundaries of East Asia –Its Modernity and Transformation
2014-12-18[Seminar] 2014/12/20 “Ethnic Interaction and Cultural Writing Ⅱ – Minorities at Hinterland”
2014-12-18Speech of Dr. Mitsumasa Hirayama “Islamic Youth Movement or Mobilization of Islamic Youth? – Discourse on its Activities, Features and Identity of Ethnic Group”
2014-12-18“Chinese Historical Writings in Historical Context: Centering on the Changes of the Tang and Sung Dynasty” – Scholar Jiang Zhi-en’s Keynote Speech
2014-09-29Lecture Report: Professor Onodera Shiro of Saitama University – Memorial Day and Public Recollection
2014-09-29Lecture Record of Professor Duan Rui-cong: the Outbreak of the Lugociao Incident and the Second Sino-Japanese War – Based on Chiang Kai-shek’s Diary
2014-07-30Conference Report for Workshop on “The Inter-disciplined Research and Transformation of Modern Literature and Art”
2014-07-29The 1st Workshop on “Chinese Historical Writings in Historical Context: Centering on the Changes of the Tang and Sung Dynasty” in 2014
2014-06-24 “Design of Interactive Archives Display Exhibition” Focus Group Symposium in April, 2014
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