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  Research Team
2012-08-06Literature and Art - Dr. Hsin-Yueh Lin
2012-08-06Literature and Art - Dr. Fang-Ming Chen
2012-08-06Social Development - Dr. Ying-Hwa Chang
2012-08-06Social Development - Dr. Yih-Yuan Li
2012-08-06Economic Development - Dr. Ji Chou
2012-08-06Economic Development - Dr. Tsui-Jung Liu
2012-08-06Politics and Law - Dr. Yung-Mau Chao
2012-08-06Politics and Law - Dr. Fu Hu
2012-08-06Academic Development - Dr. Fan-Sen Wang
2012-07-23Dr. Whei-Ming Chou
2012-07-23Dr. Se-Hwa Wu
2012-07-23Education and Culture - Dr. Fang-Sang Lu
2012-07-23Education and Culture - Dr. Pao-Teh Han
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