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  Literature and Artistic Development
2013-01-18The History of the Development of Modern Drama in the R.O.C. (Fang-Ying Chen)
2013-01-18The Origin and Transition of Modern Commentary on Literature (Fang-Ming Chen)
2013-01-18Feminine Literature (Ming-Ru Fan)
2013-01-18The History of the Development of Aboriginal Literature (Chung-Chen Pu)
2013-01-18The History of Documented Aboriginal Music (Rung-Shun Wu)
2013-01-18The Development of Modern Poetry during the Century and the Search for Self-Identity (Cheng-Chen Chien)
2013-01-18Kaleidoscope of Story──Hundred-Year History of Novels (Tsui Yang)
2013-01-18The Encounter of Aesthetics and Time ── A View of the History of the Development of Prose in the Republic of China (Yee-Voon Choong)
2013-01-18The History of the Translation of Literature (Tzu-Yun Lai)
2013-01-18The Elegance of Chinese Opera in Formosa during the Century (Ho-Yi Lin)
2013-01-18Print, Sculpture and Architecture in the New Era (Chong-Ray Hsiao, Chao-Ching Fu)
2013-01-18The History of the Body──Dance Performance (Ya-Ping Chen)
2013-01-18The History of the Development of Modern Music in Taiwan (Lu-Fen Yen)
2013-01-18Traditional Music in the Changes of World (Tung Shen)
2013-01-18The Sound of the Century──The History of the Development of Modern Ballads (Yu-Chiou Chen)
2013-01-18The Evolution of Films in Taiwan (Ru-Shou Chen)
2013-01-18A Glimpse of Photographic Culture over the Century (Li-Hsin Kuo)
2013-01-18The Modern History of the Display of Culture Relics by the National Palace Museum (Hui-Liang Chu)
2013-01-18The Development of Modern Art (Hsin-Yueh Lin)
2013-01-18Retrospective and Prospective Views of Ink Wash Painting and Calligraphy (Chao-Jen Wu)
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