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  Social Development
2013-01-23Society with Mobility: Labor Capital, Social Structure, and Distribution of Resources (Ruey-Ming Tsay and Hsiu-Jen Yeh)
2013-01-23Table of Contents
2013-01-23Social Development Vol.1 Overview (Ying-Hwa Chang)
2013-01-23Change of Population (Eddie Chao-Nan Chen)
2013-01-23Family Changes of the R.O.C. in the Century (Chin-Chun Yi)
2013-01-23Business Organization and Industrial Development (Chieh-Hsuan Chen)
2013-01-23Interregional Migration (Ji-Ping Lin)
2013-01-23Urban and Regional Development (Ying-Hwa Chang)
2013-01-23Social consciousness (Duan Lin)
2013-01-23The Development of Education, Further Education and Social Mobility (Jeng Liu)
2013-01-23Consumers and Daily Life (Yu-Ying Lee)
2013-01-23Finding Our Way: A 100 Year Tetralogy of Women in the Republic of China (Chien-Ming Yu)
2013-01-23The Evolution of Ethnic Groups (Chi-Pen Sun)
2013-01-23Aboriginal Development over the Century: An Ethnical Perspective (Teh-I Kao)
2013-01-23Social Movements (Rong-Jeo Chiu)
2013-01-23Non-Governmental Organizations (Wei-An Chang)
2013-01-23The Media and Society in the Republic of China (Yun Bonnie Peng)
2013-01-23The Training the Body and the Mind of the Nation (Jin-Lin Huang)
2013-01-23The Nation, Medical Profession, and Social Interaction (Shu-Ching Chang)
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