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  Academic Development
2013-01-25The Development of Research on Religion during the Century (Fong-Mao Lee and Shu-Wei Hsieh)
2013-01-25Table of Contents
2013-01-25Principle of Academic Development (Fan-Sen Wang)
2013-01-25The Innovation of Language and Language Form ──The Development of Literature Scholarship in the Centennial of R.O.C. (Chang-Ming Chen)
2013-01-25Confucian Classics Records Research (Ching-Chang Lin)
2013-01-25100 Years’ Development of Historiography in the Republic of China (Cho-Yun Hsu)
2013-01-25The Development of Philosophy during the Century──Modernity Observed from a Philosophical Perspective(Vincent T. Shen)
2013-01-25Archeology during the Century: Inheritance and Transformation (Cheng-Hwa Tsang)
2013-01-25The Development of Anthropology and Ethnology during the Century (Shu-Min Huang)
2013-01-25Linguistics during the Century (Paul Jen-Kuei Li)
2013-01-25The Research and Precaution of Chronic Contagious Diseases and Diseases of Civilization in Modern Society (Ding-shinn Chen)
2013-01-25The Development History of Politics in R.O.C. (Yun-Han Chu, Bih-Jaw Lin, Carl K.Y. Shaw)
2013-01-25100 Years’ Development of Legal Education in the Republic of China (Tay-Sheng Wang)
2013-01-25Psychology──From Academic Dependency to Science Revolution (Kwang-Kuo Hwang)
2013-01-25The Development of Pedagogy in the Century (Yu-Wen Chou)
2013-01-25Mathematics Separated from Tradition during the Century (Ko-Wei Lih)
2013-01-25The Development of Chemistry in R.O.C. during the Century (Kwang-Ting Liu)
2013-01-25The Development of Earth Science during the Century (Ching-Hua Luo)
2013-01-25The Development of Library and Information Science and Archival Studies during the Century (Li-Kuei Hsueh)
2013-01-25Clinical Medicine: Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease (Ding-Shinn Chen)
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