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    The Formation of Modern China
    This project explores the time period since Shin-Hai revolution specifically about the evolvements concerning the humanity thoughts, social organizations and political systems in China and throughout Asian region. It also analyzes the transformations at all fields or groups as well as the roles played during the formation process for “Modern China”. Currently there are nine teams formed and supported through participations from 104 scholars and experts. And through the team collaboration and open research approaches, not only the causes of transformations, characteristics at every stage and corresponding impacts are explored and studied, but also in-depth discussions into interactions in concepts, systems of every field between China and the West are also made and resulted with reflections on the direction to take under the premise of globalization for future China. Starting from May, 2010 to July 2011, there had been 101 seminars and symposiums held effortlessly and we are expecting the follow-up research momentum would also be impressive.
    Special Projects
    2016 Research Highlights of the Humanities Research Center’s “Formation of Modern China” Plan
    A Symposium on Public Access to and Use of Archives (October 19, 2016)
Academic Activities
    Beyond East Asia: Modernity and Its Transformation
    The feature of both colonial literature and post-colonial literature works created on the land of Taiwan is strong transboundary quality. The term “transboundary” is not centering around some hegemonic value, but a kind of phenomenon emerging when different imperialism ideologies were spreading on this island, Taiwan.

    “Transboundary” is a conversation and also a process of the main body’s reconstruction. What have been taken into this present proceedings are novels, poems, dramas, movies on important issues such as feminism, homosexuality, leftism, and some interactions among East Asian cultures. Such issues can be appropriately used to define Taiwanese literature ---- This small island is not only the carrier of local literature, but also the media of cultural conversations among East Asian countries.
    Chinese Religions and Nationalism
    International Cooperation in Modern China
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